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Anti-ageing Serum 


Reverse Time Relive Youth

• Penetration of the essence into the deep layer of the skin without injection.

• By clinical trial, our stem cell technology of worldwide patent can facilitate the regeneration of mesenchymal tissue.

• Research data shows that the effect can maintain one to two years with a regular routine of healthy life.*

• Repair the aging signs over time effectively with 480 active peptides, excluding medicine properties.

• Non-medicament injection won’t cause muscle rigidity, unnatural expression and other problems.

• Manufactured by Australian GMP pharmaceutical factory.

* The duration of the skin repair effect is subject to one’s skincare and diet habit after the treatment.

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Telomax Introduction (For HK)

Telomax DIY Treatment

Telomax Servicing Partners

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Telomax Professional Certified Training Partners

Telomax Professional Certified Training
Telomax Professional Certified Training

Telomax Appointed Service Centre 

Telomax Appointed Service Centre (Clients' Testimonial)

Linda Wong (Artist)

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57 tests passed by International Inspection Organisation :
6 Heavy Metals, 9 Bacteria and Microorganisms, 41 Glucocorticoids and Fluocinolone

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