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- Detox


25ml / sachet

Take one sachet each time, once per day.

*   The effectiveness may differ due to individual different lifestyle and diet.

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  • Improve dark spots

  • Inhibit aging skin

  • Skin more whitening

  • Easier to put make up on skin more radiant

Telomax Detox’s Features



Skin Detox – SD+

Whitening complexion makes people look prettier! 

  1. Strong effect : perfect formula 7 in 1 to fight for melanin

  2. 4 whitening paths : block > inhibit > whiten > shine through

  3. It’s better to activate the whitening mechanism  from inside out rather than the simple protection to apply sunscreens on

  4. Taste good and natural

  • The duration of the skin repair effect is subject to one’s skincare and diet habit after the treatment.

  • Result to see within 7 to 14 days

Expecting Effectiveness

Factor for dull complexion


Stay up late

Aging skin caused by slow metabolism.


Stressed out

Overly exhaustion  leads to slow  metabolism


Dry skin

Aging, UV light and air-conditioning make skin dry and dull without looking radiant



Expose to UV light  speeds up the  formation of melanin

Key to Flawless Skin

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key to flawless skin_opitac+_工作區域 1.jpg


Inhibit melanin

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Silk Protein

Prolong moisture retention

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White Tomato Extract

Absorb UV and resist UV

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Blackcurrant Extract + Vitamin C

Anti - oxidants to whiten skin

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 Litchi Seed Extract

Maintain radiant look

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 Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

Anti - oxidants and anti - aging

OPITAC is the trademark for L-Glutathione of Mitsubishi Corporation Life Sciences Limited.

The natural ingredients in Telomax Skin Detox are:

  • Patented OPITAC Glutathione 

Melanin Inhibitor can fight skin pigmentation, improve skin moisture, suppress wrinkles and increase skin smoothness.

  • Patented White Tomato Extract

Contains Caroteniods which improving melasma. Natural Sunscreen to shield from UV damage.

  • Litchi Seed Extract

Boosts skin radiance and elasticity. Nourishes skin oils will reduce the growth of acne. It also contains oligonol which helps to improve blood circulation, reduce weight and protect skin from UVA rays.

  • Patented Silk Protein

Nourishes skin and promotes collagen formation, excellent anti-inflammatory and repair effect.

  • Blackcurrant Extract

Blackcurrant seed oil helps stabilise changes in skin. Anti-dermatitis & anti-inflammation.

  • Astaxanthin Extract

Protects against sunburn, anti-wrinkles and maintain skin moisture.

  • Vitamin C

Anti-oxidant that boosts firmer skin, improves iron absorption and boosts immunity.

  • CoQ10

40 times anti-oxidant compared to Vit E, improves periodontal disease, elastic and firmer skin.

This skin defence drink contains wonderful 8 in 1 formula derived naturally from plants.
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Target User

✓   Darker complexion be whitening again

✓   Wants to improve unbalanced skin tone

✓   Wants to prevent aging skin

✓   Wants to have healthy skin

✓   Always expose to sunlight

✓   Always under great pressure 

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Certified by HACCP, ISO 9001 & 22000

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